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KfW Projects in Serbia

Environmental protection measures in coal-fired power plants

Donor: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Partners: Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS)
Project period: 2008- 2023


  • Energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product in Serbia is four times higher than in Central Europe.
  • In terms of water and air pollution Serbia intends to implement European Union standards and reduce emissions from power plants.

Project coal mills in the power plant TENT A

  • The Nikola Tesla A lignite power plant provides 25% of Serbia’s electricity supply.
  • High emissions of harmful particles.

Ash disposal project in the Kostolac A power plant:

  • Ashes from the Kostolac A power plant, which also uses lignite, are pumped into a landfill near the banks of the Danube using so-called thin sludge technology. They pollute the Danube water and groundwater.
  • 60,000 people live near the landfill and suffer the consequences of air and water pollution.




Renovation and modernisation of the coal mills of the Nikola Tesla A power plant and replacement of the thin sludge technology by the thick sludge technology at the Kostolac power plant.


The coal mills project in the TENT A power plant:

  • contributed to the improvement of the boiler output of the Nikola Tesla A power plant, which led to an increase in electricity production,
  • significantly reduced emissions of CO₂, SO₂, NOX and dust at the power plant,
  • reduced the ash volumes of the power plant.

The ash disposal project at the Kostolac A power plant:

  • will reduce the pollution of surface water and groundwater,
  • is beneficial to the health of the population living near the power plant.


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