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On March 13, as part of its nationwide advocacy efforts, the “SDGs for All” Platform held a press conference at the Belgrade Media Center, urging Serbia’s future Government to prioritize sustainable development, continue drafting the country’s development plan and involve civil society organizations and other non-state actors in development policy dialogue, planning, and implementation processes.

The Platform representatives specifically called on the new Government to integrate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda into its work program, aligning it with EU accession efforts. They proposed that a specific ministry be designated to coordinate the Agenda’s implementation, and that the Development Plan encompass reforms for EU accession and sustainable development goals.

The Platform emphasized the importance of active involvement of civil society, universities, business associations and other stakeholders in both the preparation and monitoring of the Development Plan. These proposals aim to enhance development planning and engage the wider society in shaping Serbia’s future. The Platform plans to address its proposals to relevant institutions and stakeholders and follow up on the new Government’s commitment to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda implementation.

The “SDGs for All” Platform expressed readiness to, on its part, promote a comprehensive societal dialogue on development issues and reforms, view development and reforms through a human rights-based approach, respecting the principle of “leaving no one behind” proclaimed by the 2030 Agenda, and particularly insist on achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16 – Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

The “SDGs for All” Platform brings together seven renowned civil society organizations covering the three dimensions of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental: CEVES (Center for advanced economic studies)Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Belgrade Open School, Smart KolektivTOC – Association for sustainable communities developmentCenter for Democracy FoundationFoundation BFPE for a Responsible Society

It is supported by the Governments of Switzerland and Germany within the project “Public Finance Reform – 2030 Agenda” implemented by GIZ.

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