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On the occasion of the Day of the Pećinci Municipality, May 22nd, the highest municipal awards were awarded to companies, associations and individuals, whose work has made a significant contribution to this municipality in various fields over the past year. Recognitions were awarded in three categories: Award for Humanity, Recognition for Corporate Social Responsibility and Acknowledgment for Successful Cooperation.

The German-Serbian Development Cooperation Project “Social Services for Vulnerable Groups“, received recognition in the “Successful Cooperation” category. Since 2018, Pećinci and GIZ have been working on improving social services for vulnerable groups, so that they are tailored to the needs of the clients in accordance with their needs. GIZ supported the development of documents in the field of social welfare, and the introduction of a new service: youth counselling. The Youth Counselling Centre will inform and educate young people, provide counselling and therapeutic support, along with analytical and research programmes.

Cooperation continued uninterrupted even amid the pandemic, when GIZ procured hygienic and personal protective supplies and IT equipment, as well as electric bicycles, manufactured in Serbia, for caregivers who provide home help services to the elderly. In addition, service providers underwent accredited training programmes, and will attend psychosocial assistance training in the next phase. The training will support social workers in Pećinci to overcome challenges in the delivery of services created by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic when they are still expected to deliver the same quality of work.

Fotografija: opština Pećinci

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